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Uganda Is The Best Destination For Gorilla Trekking Tours


Uganda is the best destination for Gorilla trekking tours

Why is Uganda the best for Gorilla Trekking Safari

As you might have heard or read, there are 3 famous destinations for Gorilla trekking in the whole world, namely Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Even with the increase of Uganda gorilla permits from $600 to $700 per person, the pearl of Africa still ranks as the best and leading gorilla trekking trip destination in Africa and the whole world! Uganda is one of the three destinations to see and trek the endangered mountain gorillas besides Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nowadays, Uganda Gorilla safaris have increasingly improved compared to past years. Uganda is apparently the first stop Gorilla trekking destination, which receives the highest number of travelers coming to see Gorillas. Many times, travelers have questioned what makes Uganda the best Gorilla destination and trying to compare gorilla trekking experiences in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. African Rock Safaris LTD breaks for you why Uganda is the best destination for gorilla trekking;

The relative peace and security in Uganda

The relative peace and security in the entire country favors Tourism activities throughout the entire National parks of Uganda. This accounts for the increasing numbers of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park. The strict enforcement by Uganda Wildlife Authority against poaching and increased education and awareness of the communities surrounding the national parks about the value of these Wild animals. This is not the case with the counterparts of Rwanda and Congo which have had occasional attacks of each other from rebel/war guerilla groups and poaching!

Lower price for the Gorilla permit compared to Rwanda
Even after the hike of gorilla permit costs from $600 to $700 per person throughout the year, Uganda gorilla permits are still cheap and affordable compared to the neighboring Rwanda where a single gorilla permit costs $1500 per person. The low-cost gorilla permit in Uganda make it a favorable Gorilla destination for most travelers especially those traveling on a budget and mid budget. The cost of Gorilla permits in Uganda is categorized based on travelers’ nationality namely; costs $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents (This refers to foreigners already living in Uganda and have work permits) and 260,000 Uganda shillings for East African residents. Gorilla permit booking can be done easily through African Rock Safaris LTD

Uganda has the highest number of Mountain Gorillas & families

Uganda is home to the highest number of mountain Gorillas counting to half of the world’s total gorilla population. The 2019 Gorilla census results show that Uganda is home to over 500 mountain Gorillas habituated into 18 Gorilla families. 17 Gorilla groups live in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park while Mgahinga Gorilla Park is home to 1 Nyakagyezi Gorilla family. The high number of Gorillas guarantee the availability of Gorilla permit compared to Rwanda and Congo who have limited Gorillas. Each day, Uganda has 144 gorilla permits available for issuing. This gives last time travelers a chance to also trek gorillas after making a last-minute booking.

The unique Gorilla Habituation experience only in Uganda
Uganda is the only destination in the world to do Gorilla habituation experience in which wild mountain Gorillas are trained to make them familiar with human presence before they are finally let out to join the other families and ready for Gorilla trekking experience. The four hours gorilla ensures is an experimental activity, which gives travelers an in-depth understanding of Gorillas’ behavior, and lifestyles unlike in the normal Gorilla trekking where time is limited to an hour. Gorilla habituation experience costs $1500 but the magical feeling that comes with spending four hours with gorillas is worth the cost. Gorilla habituation experience-GHEX takes place only in Rushaga sector, of Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national Park.

Extra activities adjacent- besides Gorilla trekking

It is beyond no doubt that Gorilla trekking in Uganda is the most sought after activity and a travel highlight by many travelers who have been to the country. Among the gorilla trekking add on activities in Uganda include game viewing especially in the adjacent Queen Elizabeth National Park especially the Ishasha sector famous for tree climbing Lions, Golden monkey trekking in the close Mout Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, community and birding tours on Lake Bunyonyi, nature walks and cultural tours to the neighboring Batwa pygmy communities. Uganda is naturally gifted by nature, the reasons why it’s called the “Pearl of Africa”. The combination of rolling hills, Lakes, Rivers, hospitable people, game/wildlife safaris, unique birds; mountains and valleys make Uganda an exceptional destination.

Ease of access and less time taken to see the Gorillas
Leaving alone our personal experience, having done a survey from various clients who have done both Gorilla trekking in these countries, many testify that Uganda’s terrain is a little easier to trek. Also the time taken to see the Gorillas is in most cases 4 hours on average especially in Ruhija and Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national Park.