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What are the Age Requirements to hiring a vehicle?
The Minimum Drivers Age is 20 years of age. The driver must have a full licence and hold the current class of licence for the vehicle you wish to hire.

Do you provide the Pick-up and Drop-off from Accommodation?
. We can arrange pick up and drop off to hotels and motels locally. We would appreciate it very much if some advance notice could be provided.

Do you Offer After-hour Car Rental Pickups and Drop-offs?
 Subject to prior agreement and arrangement. For after-hour pick-ups, we require to be told in advance the time you would like to picked or dropped. This should be at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. We do not charge an additional administration fee for after-hour arrangements, however airport parking charges may apply for drop offs.

Is there a Charge for Additional Drivers?
Definitely not.
 When you pick up your rental car, you can add as many drivers to the rental agreement without incurring any additional charges. We prefer to give our customers the option of sharing the driving.

Can I Pay for the Hire of the Vehicle by Credit Card?                                                                                        Yes. We accept both Visa and MasterCard. Due to high commission charges, a 5% surcharge applies on payments via Visa and MasterCard’s. We always encouragepayments in cash upon taking the car and if you are to pay by Credit Card, we require a payment at least 4 days before the pickup date.

Can we take our Rental Vehicle outside Uganda?
 Vehicles can be taken outside Uganda and this should be communicated to us upon booking so that we can advise with the rate of driving outside Uganda.

What is the Procedure for Extending the Rental Period?                                                                          Subject to vehicle availability, you can call us on +256 788-228-199 to have an extension authorized.

Do you offer Diesel Powered Vehicles?
Our standard vehicles (cars) all feature both petrol engines and diesel-powered engines.

Can I rent a vehicle on a Sunday?
 We work 24 hours / 7 Days. Just call us or email us for a car.

Do you Charge a Cleaning Fee if the Vehicle is not Returned Clean?
 We will charge a fee if the vehicle is returned filthy and/ or if rubbish is left behind.

Do you do any One-Way Hires?                                                                                                                            Yes. We offer one-way rentals within and outside Uganda. However there are minimum hire periods and relocation fees will apply.

What happens if I return my Rental Car early?
If you return your vehicle earlier than expected then no refund applies. We require at least 48-hours’ notice of cancellation.

If I Pick-up a Vehicle on a Tuesday at Noon and return it on a Wednesday at 4.30pm, how many Days will I be Charged For?
All rates are based on a 24 hour day charge, so the charge would be 1½ days.

Is Fuel Included?
 We do not include fuel within the rental fee.

What do I Need to Bring to the Office when I collect a Vehicle?
The driver of the vehicle will need to provide their current Drivers Licence (Full) relevant to the class of vehicle they are hiring as well as a passport / National Identification.

If there are additional drivers we will also need the details of their licences.

What happens if I have an accident, break down or need assistance?
Please contact us straight away, so we can advise how we can assist you. We are available by phone in an emergency 24 hours.